Our Mission

We're a team of Researchers attempting to create the real life NZT-48.

Developing a nootropic that works.

Our team has been researching nootropics for years, we've realized that almost all nootropic companies out there are developing mass market drugs that don't work for everyone. We all have unique brain chemistry and we have yet to experience truly personalized nootropics. That's where we come in.

Your data, your pills, personalized.

We work with highly driven and ambitious people to create personalized plans that help them reach their potential and goals. We've currently been working with fewer individuals at a higher price point to develop, create and produce personalized plans through our 1:1 coaching and by getting insight to your chemistry. Our goal is to enable everyone to have access to the personalized nootropics experience.

Maximize & Increase human potential.

We believe it is possible to increaes the creativity, cognition and mental endurance of the average human. We imagine a world where everyone has the ability to live a happier and fulfilled life, by leveraging data and our personalized nootropics to enhance thier creativity, focus, motivation, and happiness.

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